Stillness is the Master of Unrest

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, MinnesotaRochester, Minnesota

The Particulars


What is T'ai-Chi

T’ai-Chi, also called T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, is practiced through a series of gently shifting postures that represent a form of moving meditation. The individual postures in a T’ai-Chi form slowly exercise various muscle groups, while improving balance, agility and mindfulness. Over time, individuals who routinely practice T’ai-Chi can reduce stress through increased levels of physical and mental relaxation, as well as flexibility.



Instruction is provided by Mike and Kim Cain.

Mike is a 7th-generation disciple of Yang-style T'ai-Chi Ch'uan and a student of Master Ray Hayward.  Kim has studied and practiced T'ai-Chi for over 10 years. 

Med City T'ai-Chi is dedicated to the study of the art and science of T'ai-Chi Ch'uan. It is our belief that T’ai-Chi is universally accessible and that everyone – young or old, weak or strong, male or female, health enthusiast or martial artist – can benefit from studying and practicing this profound art.


Class Information and Fees

Med City T'ai-Chi is a non-profit club, based in Rochester, Minnesota. 

The monthly fee is $33 for weekly Monday evening classes. 

With a focus on mindful and therapeutic practices, the current curriculum includes:

Warm ups

Standing meditation /  Qigong 

Cheng Man-Ch'ing’s Yang style short form

Yielding and sensitivity concepts

T'ai-Chi sword form

Classes are ongoing  -  beginners are always welcome! 

Join Us

If you have questions, drop us a line. 

Better yet, stop by a class to experience a session first hand.

Class Location

Community Presbyterian Church 3705 Fairway Place NW Rochester, MN 55901

Class Days and Hours

Most Mondays:  6pm - 8pm

Yang style long form by private appointment 

Drop us a line!



Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) class is suspended until further notice 



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